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88% of Facebook Users Oppose Changes to Privacy Policy and Voting Rights, EPIC Urges FB to Withdraw Proposal

Preliminary results from the recent Facebook Site Governance Vote, indicate that 589,141 Facebook users voted to keep the existing Statement of Rights and Responsibilities and Privacy Policy. Only 79,731 voted for the proposed changes. In the largest vote in Facebook history, approximately 88% of users who voted favored the existing documents. EPIC and the Center for Digital Democracy earlier wrote FB CEO Mark Zuckerberg, recommending that the proposal be withdrawn. In 2009, Facebook withdrew proposed changes to the Terms of Service after 150,000 users formed a group "FB Users Against the New TOS." In 2007, FB backed off "Beacon," a controversial marketing technique, when 50,000 users signed a petition. Facebook is currently under a consent order with the US Federal Trade Commission. For more information, see EPIC: Facebook.



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