EPIC Urges Federal Appeals Court to Protect Employees from Covert Video Recording

EPIC Senior Counsel John Verdi argued before the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Doe v. Luzerne County that secretive video surveillance, coupled with the storage and dissemination of sensitive personal information, violates the right to information privacy and should not be permitted. The case involves a Jane Doe police deputy who is suing to recover monetary damages for privacy violations. A coworker captured semi-nude video footage of Ms. Doe without her consent during a mandatory decontamination shower. The digital footage was uploaded onto a government computer and disclosed over the municipal network. EPIC argued that the case "presents novel privacy issues involving new technology" and that "the District Court failed to appreciate the unique damage caused by unlawful disclosures over computer networks." EPIC previously filed an amicus brief in the case. For more, see EPIC: Doe v. Luzerne.

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