Federal Judge Orders Twitter to Turn Over Information About Wikileaks Supporters

A federal district judge in Virginia has ordered Twitter to make available to the Justice Department the personal information - including IP addresses, session times, and relationships between other Twitter users - of people who may have supported Wikileaks. In reaching this decision, Judge O'Grady relied on a revised version of Twitter's privacy policy, which was not in place when the users signed up. Under the Court's order the Department of Justice may obtain the data with a warrant under the Stored Communications Act. The targets of the Department of Justice's investigation are the WikiLeaks' Twitter account, and the accounts of three people connected to the group: Seattle coder and activist Jacob Appelbaum; Birgitta Jonsdottir, a member of Iceland's parliament; and Dutch businessman Rop Gonggrijp. EPIC has several FOIA requests pending with US federal agencies concerning the investigation of Wikileaks. For more information see EPIC: Social Networking Privacy.

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