FTC Enforces COPPA Against Website that Collected Children's Personal Information without Parental Consent

The Federal Trade Commission settled a complaint against the website Skid-e-kids after the operator violated both the Commission’s Children's Online Privacy Protection Act Rule and the website's own privacy policy by collecting personal information from approximately 5,600 children without obtaining prior parental consent. The settlement bars future violations of COPPA and misrepresentations about the collection and use of children’s information, and requires the operator to destroy information collected in violation of the Rule and to allow for oversight of any future website that he might run. Skid-e-kids is a social networking site that allows children ages 7-14 to create profiles, upload pictures and videos, and become friends with and send messages to other members. The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act requires that website operators obtain parental consent before they collect, use or disclose personal information from children under 13. EPIC's complaint regarding Facebook's facial recognition and EPIC's complaint regarding Facebook’s changes to its privacy settings are still pending before the FTC. For more information, see EPIC: Children's Online Privacy.

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