Bennett, Calo, Donohue, Dwork, Kerr, and Pasquale Join EPIC Advisory Board

EPIC has announced the 2012 members of the EPIC Advisory Board. They are Colin Bennett, Professor of Political Science at University of Victoria; Ryan Calo, Director of Privacy and Robotics, Center for Internet and Society at Stanford Law School; Laura Donohue, Associate Professor at Georgetown University Law Center; Cynthia Dwork, Distinguished Scientist, Microsoft Research; Orin Kerr, Professor of Law at George Washington University; and Frank A. Pasquale , Professor of Law at Seton Hall University. The EPIC Advisory Board is a distinguished group of experts in law, technology, and public policy. Joining the EPIC Board of Directors in 2012 are Grayson Barber, Pamela Jones Harbor and Ray Ozzie. Press Release. For more information, see EPIC: EPIC Advisory Board.

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