FCC Updates Privacy Rules for Mobile Devices, EPIC Provided Comments

The Federal Communications Commission has ruled telecommunications carriers must follow the safeguards for Consumer Proprietary Network Information for information stored on mobile devices. "When a telecommunications carrier collects CPNI using its control of its customers' mobile devices, and the carrier or its designee has access to or control over the information, the carrier is responsible for safeguarding that information," the Commission wrote. Chairwomen Clyburn wrote that "[p]rotecting consumer privacy is a key component of our mission to serve the public interest," while Commissioner Rosenworcel urged the Commission to take note of the growing "market incentives to keep our data and slice and dice it to inform commercial activity." EPIC participated in the agency review and filed comments urging the Commission to require mobile carriers to implement fair information practices and to adopt techniques for encryption. EPIC has also asked the FCC to investigate Verizon for unlawfully disclosing the telephone records of millions of Americans in response to an invalid order from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. For more information, see EPIC: Customer Proprietary Network Information.

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