EPIC, Coalition Urge NSA to Comply with Privacy Act

EPIC, joined by a coalition of privacy, consumer rights, and civil rights organizations, has urged the Department of Defense to require the National Security Agency to comply with the federal Privacy Act, the primary law protecting personal information held by the federal government. The comments came in response to a proposed agency rule that would amend the Defense Department's privacy program. The organizations noted that the National Security Agency is a component of the Defense Department and subject to agency regulations. EPIC and the coalition stated, "The DOD must ensure that the NSA complies with the Privacy Act by publishing additional system of records notices and otherwise adhering to the Privacy Act before it can adopt its current proposal." Although the NSA has identified twenty-six Privacy Act databases, recent revelations by the Guardian suggest that there are many other databases subject to the Privacy Act that should be identified. EPIC has also petitioned the Supreme Court, challenging to the NSA's telephone record collection program. For more information, see In re EPIC.

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