EPIC Defends Political Gatherings at Hotels in Brief for Supreme Court

In an amicus brief to the Supreme Court for Los Angeles v. Patel, EPIC said the issue is "whether a city can authorize the police to routinely inspect hotel guest registries without any individualized suspicion or judicial supervision." Citing the famous civil rights case NAACP v. Alabama, EPIC noted the long history of political and religious organizations gathering at hotels in the United States. EPIC wrote, "individuals have a constitutional right to gather at hotels for political and religious purposes without being subject to police inspection." EPIC said, "guest registries should not be made routinely available to the police for inspection, and they should not be collected or retained for that purpose." Thirty-six legal scholars and technical experts supported the EPIC amicus. EPIC is a leading expert in privacy and technology, and regularly files amicus briefs in appellate cases concerning emerging civil liberties issues.

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