White House Releases Reports on Future of Artificial Intelligence

The White House has released two new reports on the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the US economy and related policy concerns. Preparing for the Future of Artificial Intelligence surveys the current state of AI, applications, and emerging challenges for society and public policy. The report concludes "practitioners must ensure that AI-enabled systems are governable; that they are open, transparent, and understandable; that they can work effectively with people; and that their operation will remain consistent with human values and aspirations." A companion report National Artificial Intelligence Research and Development Strategic Plan proposes a strategic plan for Federally-funded research and development in AI. President Obama will discuss these issues on October 13 at the White House Frontiers Conference in Pittsburgh. #FutureofAI EPIC has promoted Algorithmic Transparency for many years and is currently litigating several cases on the front lines of AI, including EPIC v. FAA (drones), and Cahen v. Toyota (autonomous vehicles).

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