EPIC FOIA: EPIC Obtains Details of U.S. Government-Industry Meeting to Combat ISIL Online

As a result of a Freedom of Information Act request, EPIC obtained documents detailing a DOJ and White House meeting with top industry representatives to help combat ISIL's online influence. The February 2016 meeting, called the "Madison Valleywood Project," convened a range of industry members to "collaborate in generating and amplifying compelling content that would undermine ISIL's online messaging and recruitment efforts." A series of slides set the stage for the project, proposing counter strategies like "disrupting their digital landscape" and encouraging use of data metrics to track success. EPIC routinely pursues FOIA requests and lawsuits to improve government oversight and accountability. In 2012, EPIC prevailed in a lawsuit against DHS revealing the agency's social media monitoring policies, including instructions to analysts to monitor criticism of the agency. More information about EPIC's FOIA work is available on the FOIA Case page.

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