Following EPIC Appeal, Justice Department Submits Trump Wiretap Claims for Declassification Review

Following EPIC’s appeal of a decision to “neither confirm nor deny” the existence of a FISA application to monitor Trump Tower, the Justice Department took the unusual step of submitting the matter for declassification review. After the President tweeted allegations that President Obama “had [his] wires tapped in Trump Tower,” EPIC filed an urgent FOIA request for any FISA applications concerning Trump Tower. The Justice denied the request, but on appeal stated it was referring this matter “so that it may determine if the existence or nonexistence of any responsive records should remain classified.” The Justice Departement issued a similar response to EPIC’s related request concerning alleged surveillance of the Trump team. EPIC had explained in the appeal that “the agency may not hide behind the ‘neither confirm nor deny’ response” after FBI Director James Comey stated before Congress that the FBI and the Justice Department had “no information” to support the President’s tweets.

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