The FOIA Project Provides 2017 FOIA Report

A new report from The FOIA Project tracks many of the Freedom of Information Act lawsuits filed by media organizations and journalists in 2017. According to TRAC, forty-five new FOIA lawsuits were filed by thirty-nine news organizations and reporters. The New York Times, with six FOIA suits, filed suit most frequently. In second place is EPIC, which has already filed four FOIA lawsuits in 2017, including a suite of lawsuits under the new EPIC Democracy and Cybersecurity Project focused on preserving democratic institutions. In EPIC v. ODNI EPIC seeks public release of the January 2017 report of the intelligence community on Russian hacking, and in EPIC v. IRS EPIC seeks release of President Trump's Tax records. In EPIC v. FBI, EPIC has already obtained the Bureau's procedures for notifying organizations that are the target of a cyber attack. EPIC has asked Congress to determine whether the FBI did enough to notify US political organizations about Russian cyber attacks during he 2016 Presidential election.

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