EPIC Launches Campaign to End FCC Data Retention Mandate

EPIC launched the "My Calls, My Data" campaign today, urging the public to support a proposal to end the FCC's data retention mandate. The 1986 regulation requires telephone companies to keep the telephone numbers dialed, date, time, and call length of all U.S. telephone customers for an 18-month period. An EPIC-led coalition filed a petition in 2015 calling for repeal of the rule, saying that the FCC's mandate "violates the fundamental right to privacy, exposes consumers to data breaches, stifles innovation, and reduces competition." The FCC is now seeking comments. "There is hardly a better regulation to end than the FCC's data retention mandate," said EPIC President Marc Rotenberg. "It is ineffective, burdensome, and costly." Comments may be filed online and are due by June 16, 2017.

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