EPIC Pursues Release of Trump Tax Returns in IRS FOIA Case

EPIC filed a court brief Monday opposing an attempt by the Internal Revenue Service to dismiss EPIC's FOIA lawsuit for President Trump's tax returns. EPIC filed the suit for the tax records on April 15 after the IRS refused to process EPIC's FOIA Request for the President's returns. The IRS responded by asking the court to dismiss the case, insisting that the agency did not have to process EPIC's request because the President's consent had not been obtained. As EPIC told the court on Monday, the IRS focused on the wrong law, ignoring a provision that gives EPIC a right to access the President's tax records without consent. EPIC explained that the agency's argument "is irrelevant to the processing of this particular FOIA request." EPIC v. IRS is one of three leading open government cases concerning Russian interference with the 2016 Presidential election. In EPIC v. ODNI, EPIC is seeking the release of the complete report on the scope of the attack. In EPIC v. FBI, EPIC is seeking information about the FBI’s response to the attack.

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