EPIC v. ODNI: Intelligence Agency Opposes Release of Report on Russian Hacking

In a motion filed in EPIC v. ODNI, the government contends that it is not obligated to review a critical government report for even partial release under the Freedom of Information Act. EPIC filed the lawsuit for the release of the complete report on the Russian interference with the 2016 election after the ODNI published a limited, declassified version. "The ODNI should release the complete report to EPIC so that the public and the Congress can understand the full extent of the Russian interference with the 2016 Presidential election," EPIC President Marc Rotenberg told POLITICO. "It is already clear that government secrecy is frustrating meaningful oversight. The FBI, for example, will not even identify the states that were targeted by Russia." EPIC will challenge the agency's response as the litigation continues in federal district court in Washington, DC. EPIC v. ODNI is one of several FOIA suites EPIC is pursuing under the new EPIC Democracy and Cybersecurity Project focused on preserving democratic institutions. In EPIC v. IRS EPIC seeks release of President Trump's Tax records. In EPIC v. FBI, EPIC has already obtained the Bureau's procedures for notifying organizations that are the target of a cyber attack.

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