EPIC Assesses Progress on Government's Commitments to Transparency

In comments filed with the Open Government Partnership's Independent Reporting Mechanism, EPIC assessed the government's progress toward the transparency commitments it made in the National Action Plan on Open Government. EPIC advised the government to incorporate findings of the Commission on Evidence Based Policymaking including the use of Privacy Enhancing Techniques, called for the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board (PCLOB) be restored to full strength, and warned about the federal government's ongoing failure to create Privacy Impact Assessments required by law. EPIC and a coalition of civil society groups had issued recommendations for the Third National Action Plan, and, in response, the administration pledged to modernize implementation of the FOIA, streamline record declassification, and increase transparency of the intelligence community. The Plan is an initiative pursued by countries and NGOs participating in the Open Government Partnership.

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