Scrutiny of Presidential Election Commission Grows

The Presidential Election Commission is coming under increasing scrutiny from lawmakers and even its own members. On Tuesday, Commissioner Matthew Dunlap charged that the Commission had given him "utterly no information" about the Commission's activities. Dunlap involved the public records statute to demand documents about the Commission he sits on. Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee are also demanding records from the Department of Justice about the Department's possibly unlawful coordination with the Commission. Questions have also been raised about the Commission's hiring practices. The Commission was previously forced to suspend the collection of voter data in response to EPIC's lawsuit, but it recently resumed that process. EPIC has urged state election officials not to release any voter information until the Commission conducts a Privacy Impact Assessment. EPIC's case is EPIC v. Commission, No. 17-1320 (D.D.C.), and the related appeal is EPIC v. Commission, No. 17-5171 (D.C. Cir.). The argument before the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals is scheduled for November 21, 2017.

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