EPIC v. FBI: EPIC Pursues Release of Documents on Russian Meddling

In the Freedom of Information Act lawsuit EPIC v. FBI, EPIC has filed a motion contending the FBI must release records detailing the Russian interference in the 2016 election. EPIC explained that "a year after the election the full extent of Russian interference remains unknown to the public." EPIC also said the the FBI's failure to release documents "is contrary to law and leave at risk the security of future U.S. elections." The FBI must now file a reply to EPIC's motion. EPIC v. FBI is a part of the new EPIC Democracy and Cybersecurity Project focused on preserving democratic institutions. EPIC has filed related FOIA lawsuits against the DHS, ODNI, and IRS. EPIC also recently pressed the Federal Election Commission to establish transparency for online ads. The FEC voted unanimously to adopt new rules.

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