European Court Holds Camera Surveillance of University Lecture Halls Violates Privacy

In the case of Antović and Mirković v. Montenegro, the European Court of Human Rights held that camera surveillance in lecture halls at the University of Montenegro's School of Mathematics violated Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights (the right to respect one's "private and family life"). The decision follows earlier cases of the Court which recognize privacy rights in the workplace. Some U.S. law schools have deemed all classrooms and meetings rooms as "recordable spaces" and state that voluntary participation therefore constitutes a waiver of legal claims. EPIC has protected the human right to privacy through third-party intervention in the European Court of Human Rights as well as documented the spread of CCTV surveillance technology across American cities. EPIC's Privacy Law Sourcebook provides background on US and international privacy law. The Privacy Law and Society website provides more information about international privacy law.

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