Senator Leahy Introduces Legislation To Protect Consumer Privacy

Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT), joined by six other Senators, introduced comprehensive legislation to protect consumers from data breach and identity theft. The Consumer Privacy Protection Act of 2017 requires companies to provide notice to consumers after a data breach and meet certain baseline privacy and data security standards. The Consumer Privacy Act also prohibits companies from using a data breach to force consumers into individual arbitration, and would punish companies for concealing security breaches. Senator Leahy stated, "Companies that profit from our personal information should be obligated to take steps to keep it safe." Senator Leahy added, "In today's world, data security is no longer just about protecting our identities and our bank accounts; it is about protecting our privacy and even our national security." EPIC recently testified before the Senate Banking Committee in the wake of Equifax breach calling for consumer control over their personal data. EPIC President Marc Rotenberg also outlined several steps for Congress to reform the credit reporting industry in the Harvard Business Review.

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