EPIC Urges Congress to Focus on Consumer Privacy and Data Security in Antitrust Hearing

In a statement to the Senate Judiciary committee, EPIC urged lawmakers to consider consumer privacy at a hearing on "The Consumer Welfare Standard in Antitrust." EPIC emphasized the privacy risks of mergers, stating that "when companies merge, they combine not only their products, services, and finances, but also their vast troves of personal data." EPIC reminded Congress that the United States is experiencing an epidemic of data breaches, and large databases of personal data are more vulnerable to attack. EPIC testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee in 2007 about the growing risks to competition and privacy of mergers in the online advertising industry. EPIC also warned the FTC about the consumer privacy risks of high profile mergers. In 2000, EPIC opposed Doubleclick's acquisition of Abacus. In 2007, EPIC told the FTC that Google's proposed acquisition of DoubleClick would lead to consumers being tracked and profiled by advertisers across the web. And in 2014 EPIC urged the FTC to mandate privacy safeguards for Facebook's acquisition of WhatsApp.

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