EPIC Urges House Judiciary to Examine FBI Response to Russian Cyber Attacks

EPIC has sent a statement to the House Judiciary Committee ahead of Wednesday's DOJ Oversight hearing. EPIC urged the Committee to question Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein about the FBI's ability to respond to future cyberattacks concerning the 2018 elections. A recent Associated Press investigation found that the FBI, the lead agency for cyber response, did not notify U.S. officials that their email accounts were compromised during the 2016 election. According to documents obtained by EPIC, the FBI is to notify victims of cyberattacks "even when it may interfere with another investigation or (intelligence) operation." EPIC obtained the FBI's Victim Notification Procedures through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, EPIC v. FBI, filed earlier this year. EPIC is currently pursuing several related FOIA cases about Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election, including EPIC v. ODNI (Russian hacking), EPIC v. IRS (Release of Trump Tax Returns), and EPIC v. DHS (election cybersecurity).

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