EPIC Amicus: Supreme Court to Hear Arguments in Wiretap Act Case

The Supreme Court will hear arguments this week in Dahda v. United States, a case concerning the federal Wiretap Act and the suppression of evidence obtained following an invalid wiretap order. The Wiretap Act requires exclusion of evidence obtained as a result of an invalid order, but a lower court denied suppression in the case even though the order was unlawfully broad. In an amicus brief, EPIC wrote that "it is not for the courts to create textual exceptions" to federal privacy laws. EPIC explained that Congress enacted strict and unambiguous privacy provisions in the Wiretap Act. "If the government wishes a different outcome," EPIC wrote, "then it should go to Congress to revise the statute." EPIC routinely participates as amicus curiae in privacy cases before the Supreme Court, most recently in Byrd v. United States (suspicionless searches of rental cars) and Carpenter v. United States (warrantless searches of cellphone location records).

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