EPIC Advises Safety Commission on Dangers of IoT

EPIC submitted comments to the Consumer Product Safety Commission for an upcoming hearing on "The Internet of Things and Consumer Product Hazards." EPIC urged the Commission to focus on privacy and security issues, which the Commission claims are outside its scope. EPIC told the Consumer Product Safety Commission that "Holding a hearing in the year 2018 to discuss IoT without addressing privacy and security is akin to holding a hearing in the last century about kitchen appliances without addressing the risk that a toaster might catch fire because of bad wiring." EPIC recommended that the Commission implement thirteen rules for manufacturers of IoT devices that were laid out by the UK government in a recent report on privacy and security for IoT devices. EPIC and a coalition of consumer groups preciously urged the Commission to order the recall of the Google Home Mini "smart speaker" and received a response saying that it does not pursue privacy or data security issues.

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