EPIC Advises Senate on Drone Privacy Issues

In advance of a Senate hearing "Keeping Pace with Innovation - Update on the Safe Integration of Unmanned Aircraft Systems into the Airspace," EPIC submitted a statement to inform the committee of EPIC's ongoing work to establish transparency and oversight for the use of unmanned aircraft in the United States. EPIC believes that strong drone privacy rules are vital for the safe integration of commercial drones in the National Air Space. EPIC is now proceeding in the U.S. Court of Appeals of the D.C. Circuit against the FAA for the agency's failure to establish drone privacy safeguards. EPIC has also filed suit to enforce the transparency obligations of the Drone Advisory Committee, a body created by the FAA to study and make recommendations on U.S. drone policy. EPIC has also pursued several open government matters regarding the FAA's decision making process, which appears intended to purposefully avoid the development of meaningful privacy safeguards.

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