EPIC Renews Call for FTC to Stop Google's Tracking of Consumer Purchases

EPIC has urged the Federal Trade Commission to act on a Complaint EPIC previously filed with the Commission concerning Google's tracking of consumer purchases. EPIC told the FTC that "this tracking of consumer purchases is without precedent and also raises questions as to what else Google does with the consumer data it obtains." EPIC originally filed the Complaint with the FTC on July 31, 2017. The Complaint alleges that Google collects billions of credit and debit card transactions and links that data to the activities of Internet users. Google claims to protect privacy but refuses to provide any details about a secret algorithm it uses, making it impossible for consumers to verify that their privacy is protected. EPIC has filed numerous complaints with the FTC, including the complaints that led to the FTC's 2011 Google Buzz Order and the 2011 Facebook Order. The FTC recently welcomed a new Chairman and three new Commissioners.

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