Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue Publishes "10 Things to Know About the GDPR"

The Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue, a coalition of more than 70 consumer organizations in Europe and North America, has made available "10 Things to Know About the GDPR." The analysis details key elements of the new European privacy law. TACD wrote, "People's data should be treated with the highest privacy protections no matter where they are based. Privacy is a fundamental human right and data protection is intrinsically linked to it." Last month, TACD sent a letter to Mark Zuckerberg urging Facebook to comply with the GDPR as a baseline standard for all Facebook users worldwide. TACD will host a press conference on GDPR with EPIC in Washington DC on May 16. EPIC makes available the complete text of the GDPR and related materials in the Privacy Law Sourcebook.

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