European Parliament: 'Privacy Shield' Does Not Protect Privacy, Calls for Suspension

The European Parliament has called for the suspension of the "Privacy Shield" if the U.S. does not comply in full by September 1, 2018. The resolution states that the pact, which permits US companies to obtain the personal data of European, does not protect privacy. The Parliament cited numerous problems, including the Cambridge Analytica breach of 87 million Facebook users data, the reauthorization of FISA Section 702, the failure to appoint members to the PCLOB, and passage of the CLOUD Act, which permits US law enforcement agencies to access personal data stored in Europe. The vote of the full Parliament follows an earlier statement from the civil liberties "LIBE" committee. EPIC highlighted many of the same concerns in recent comments. EPIC also told the FTC that the Cambridge Analytica breach could have been prevented if the FTC had enforced its 2011 Consent Order with Facebook. The European Commission, the EU body in charge of the Shield, must now decide how to respond.

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