EPIC Asks Senate Committee for Delay on Kavanaugh Vote, Seeks Records Release

In a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee, EPIC has urged the Senate Judiciary Committee to postpone the vote in the Executive Business Meeting on the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, pending the release of documents concerning the development, defense, and promotion of surveillance programs during the period 2001-2006. EPIC said “[t[he documents are necessary for a full consideration of the qualifications of the nominee to serve on the United States Supreme Court.” In an earlier letter to the Committee, EPIC asked the Senate to determine Judge Kavanuagh's role, while in the Bush White House, in the unlawful warrantless wiretapping program and the secret expansion of the Patriot Act. Traditionally, the records of Supreme Court nominees who served in the White House are routinely made available prior to committee hearings. Last month, EPIC submitted two urgent Freedom of Information Act requests for the records. EPIC regularly shares its views with the Senate concerning nominees to the Supreme Court, including Justice Gorsuch, Justice Kagan, Justice Sotomayor, Justice Alito, and Chief Justice Roberts.

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