EPIC Redials FCC, Urges Agency to Block Unlawful Robocalls

In comments to the FCC, EPIC has renewed its call to the agency to block unlawful robocalls. The FCC proposed a rule that would allow phone companies to block calls from numbers they know are invalid, such as numbers that have not been assigned to a subscriber. EPIC recommended that the FCC (1) require phone providers to proactively block calls from numbers that are unassigned, unallocated, or invalid; (2) prohibit spoofing if there is an intent to defraud or cause harm; and (3) encourage the use of call authentication technology that safeguards caller anonymity. EPIC previously filed comments in when the FCC proposed the rule, and has long advocated for robust telephone privacy protections. EPIC filed an amicus brief in 2015 that strengthened consumer protections.

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