EPIC Files Suit to Block Census Citizenship Question

EPIC has filed a lawsuit to block the addition of a citizenship question to the 2020 Census. EPIC charged that the Census Bureau failed to complete multiple Privacy Impact Assessments, as required by law. The Bureau abruptly added the citizenship question earlier this year but did not assess the privacy impact on census respondents, who are legally obligated to answer all questions. As EPIC's lawsuit reveals, the Bureau recently indicated—for the first time—that personal data provided to the Census Bureau could be used "for criminal law enforcement activities." The Bureau's admission raises new questions about whether citizenship information will be transmitted to the Department of Justice. EPIC has filed numerous successful lawsuits seeking to enforce federal agencies' obligation to publish Privacy Impact Assessments. Earlier this year, the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity was shut down after EPIC filed a lawsuit to block the collection of state voter data and challenging the Commission's failure to complete a Privacy Impact Assessment.

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