Facebook Documents Raise New Questions About Consent Order Compliance

This week a British parliamentary committee released internal Facebook emails and documents. The documents revealed that Facebook concealed its decision to collect record of calls and texts on Android devices, in violation of privacy policies. An employee said of this decision: "This is a pretty high risk thing to do from a PR perspective but it appears that the growth team will charge ahead and do it." The documents also show that Facebook examined user data to determine which companies posed a threat, deciding to either target or acquire those firms. Last month, UK regulators released a report on the misuse of personal data by Cambridge Analytica for the Brexit vote. In 2011 EPIC, and other consumer privacy organizations obtained a far-reaching consent order against Facebook but the FTC has failed to enforce the legal judgment. In March, the FTC said it would reopen the Facebook investigation, but there is still no report, no findings and no fine. In response to EPIC's Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, the FTC has released agency emails about the 2011 Facebook Consent Order.

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