EU Receives 95,000 Privacy Complaints, Still No News from US FTC on Facebook Case

According to the European Commission, recent figures from the European Data Protection Board reveal that EU Data Protection Authorities have received more than 95,000 complaints from citizens across the continent. In a joint statement on International Privacy Day, the Commissioners said "Citizens have become more conscious of the importance of data protection and of their rights. And they are now exercising these rights, as national Data Protection Authorities see in their daily work." The European Data Protection Board also reported that the majority of the complaints were related to activities such as telemarketing, promotional e-mails, and video surveillance. In the United States, the Federal Trade Commission announced in March 2018 that it was reopening the Facebook investigation, following news that Cambridge Analytica improperly harvested the personal data of 87 millions users. Still no word from the FTC on how that one case is proceeding.

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