OECD to Announce International Standard for AI

The OECD will announce this week The Recommendation on Artificial Intelligence, the first intergovernmental standard on AI. [OECD flyer] The OECD AI Recommendation aims to foster innovation and trust in AI by promoting the responsible stewardship of trustworthy AI while ensuring respect for human rights and democratic values. The OECD AI Standard addresses fairness, accountability, and transparency and speaks specifically to the need to respect "freedom, dignity and autonomy, privacy and data protection, non-discrimination and equality, diversity, fairness, social justice, and internationally recognised labour rights." The OECD AI standard complements existing OECD standards in areas such as privacy, cryptography, digital security risk management, and responsible business conduct. Over the past year, EPIC led an effort to promote Universal Guidelines for AI following an earlier campaign for Algorithmic Transparency. EPIC will host a panel discussion on The Future of AI Policy in the US at the National Press Club in Washington, DC on June 5, with representatives from the White House, the OECD, and leading experts in technology and public policy. Registration is open to the public.

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