Trump Claims Executive Privilege Over Mueller Report

President Trump has claimed executive privilege in an attempt to withhold the redacted portions of the Mueller Report from Congress. The President's assertion goes far beyond the narrow limits of the privilege and conflicts with the Attorney General's recent statement to Congress that President Trump had "no plans" to claim executive privilege over the Report. ("Exhibit 7" In EPIC v. Department of Justice.) EPIC is pursuing the release of the full Mueller Report under the Freedom of Information Act. EPIC recently obtained an annotated version of the Report that contains new details about the extensive redactions made by the Justice Department. But the government has waived any assertion of executive privilege in EPIC's case, making EPIC uniquely positioned to challenge the redactions. EPIC will have a hearing in federal court concerning the release of related materials on June 17, 2019. EPIC's case for the release of the Mueller Report—the first in the nation—is EPIC v. Department of Justice, No. 19-810 (D.D.C.).

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