Applications for Rodotà Award Now Open

The Committee of European Convention 108 (the "Privacy Convention") has announced the second edition of the Rodotà Award, intended to reward innovative academic research projects to advance data protection. The award honors the memory of Stefano Rodotà, a prominent Italian law professor and candidate for the Italian presidency who championed democratic institutions, human rights, and data protection. The competition is open to researchers from all regions of the world participating in the work of the Committee of Convention 108. Application here. Deadline: 18 December 2019. Competition rules. The prize winner will be announced on Data Protection Day (28 January 2020) and will have the opportunity to present his/her work at the next Plenary session of the Committee of Convention 108 to be held in Strasbourg in July 1-3, 2020. In 2009, Prof. Rodotà received the first EPIC International Champion of Freedom Award.

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