EPIC to Testify In Support of Voting System Guidelines

EPIC Policy Director Caitriona Fitzgerald will testify this week before the Election Assistance Commission in support of the Voluntary Voting System Guidelines 2.0. Fitzgerald’s prepared statement said that the Voting Guidelines are "vital to protecting our democratic institutions.” The Voting Guidelines are open for public comment through June 22. EPIC, along with the Association for Computing Machinery, previously recommended principles for voter privacy, ballot secrecy, and data protection. EPIC and the ACM also urged the Commission to ban internet-connected voting machinery, citing the risks to voting integrity and democratic institutions. The EAC adopted these suggestions, banning internet-connected voting systems and retaining strong provisions on voter privacy, ballot secrecy, and data protection. Though states are not mandated to comply with the Voting System Guidelines, the Guidelines shape the election security market. EPIC has a long history of working to protect voter privacy and election integrity.

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