VICTORY: Court Orders Additional Mueller Report Disclosures in EPIC Case

A federal court, ruling in EPIC v. DOJ, has ordered the Department of Justice to disclose extensive new material from the Mueller Report. The decision marks a victory in EPIC's 18-month case for disclosure of the unredacted Report. Judge Reggie B. Walton rejected the DOJ's argument that it could withhold portions of the Report as "predecisional," noting that the Mueller Report describes "decisions that were already final." Judge Walton, who reviewed the full Mueller Report before issuing his ruling, ordered the DOJ to provide EPIC with a less-redacted version of the Report by November 2. The DOJ previously released material from the Mueller Report on two occasions as part of EPIC's case. EPIC's Freedom of Information Act suit—the first in the nation for the disclosure of the Mueller Report—is EPIC v. DOJ, No. 19-810.

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