50 State AGs Announce Anti-Robocall Litigation Task Force

August 4, 2022

Fifty state attorneys general this week announced a new “Anti-Robocall Litigation Task Force,” which has already issued civil investigative demands to 20 gateway providers and other entities believed to be responsible for the majority of foreign robocall traffic. The task force, led by Indiana, Ohio and North Carolina, cited to EPIC and NCLC’s recent publication “Scam Robocalls: Telecom Providers Profit” in its announcement. EPIC and NCLC’s report found that 33 million scam robocalls bombard American’s phones every day, including Social Security Administration fraud targeting seniors and business impersonation scams preying on consumers. The task force noted that in many cases gateway providers appear to be turning a blind eye to robocall traffic in exchange for steady revenue. EPIC routinely files amicus briefs in TCPA cases and submits comments to the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Trade Commission to better protect consumers from robocalls.

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