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    epic.org featured on Last Week Tonight

    EPIC's FISA stats were featured on this week's episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

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  • Privacy In the Modern Age: The Search for Solutions image

    Privacy in the Modern Age: The Search for Solutions

    EPIC's new book, Privacy in t he Modern Age: The Search for Solutions is an essential reference for policy makers and researchers, journalists and scholars, and others looking for answers to one of the biggest challenges of our modern day. The premise is clear: there’s a problem - let’s find a solution.

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  • EPIC 2015 Champions of Freedom Awards Dinner

    EPIC's Champions of Freedom Awards Dinner 2015

    Join EPIC on June 1, 2015 as we honor this year's Champions of Freedom.

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    EPIC v. FAA

    EPIC sued the Federal Aviation Administration for failing to establish privacy rules for commercial drones as mandated by Congress.

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  • EPIC Cloud 2015

    EPIC 2015

    EPIC is on the front lines of the major privacy and civil liberties debates. In 2015, EPIC has important work to do on algorithmic transparency, student privacy, and government surveillace, among many other issues. Please donate to EPIC today to help us continue this important work.

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  • Minority Report

    EPIC v. DHS. Not a Movie.

    EPIC is seeking documents about Homeland Security's plans for "pre-crime detection." Tom Cruise starred in a 2002 movie about "a special police unit that is able to arrest murderers before they commit their crime."

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  • Open the Code

    Algorithmic Transparency: Open the Code

    EPIC recently launched a project on algorithmic transparency, urging companies to show us the code that makes judgements about us.

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Top News

Supreme Court to Hear Privacy Case Against Spokeo

The Supreme Court will hear an important privacy case concerning the disclosure of personal information in violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Spokeo claimed that the plaintiff's lacked lacked "standing" to sue after the company disclosed data protected by the FCRA. The Ninth Circuit disagreed and ruled for the plaintiffs. In the Spokeo case, the Solicitor General has filed a brief in support of the plaintiffs. EPIC filed an amicus curiae brief in First American v. Edwards, a similar case before the Court in 2011.

EPIC Demands the FAA to Establish Drone Privacy Rules

EPIC has filed extensive comments, urging the Federal Aviation Administration to propose drone privacy safeguards. In 2012, EPIC led a coalition of over 100 experts and organizations in petitioning the FAA to establish privacy protections prior to the deployment of commercial drones in the United States. EPIC stated that, "As a consequence of the FAA’s failure to establish drone privacy rules, millions of Americans now face the possibility of unchecked monitoring and harassment." EPIC has sued the agency for its failure to protect the privacy of Americans.

FTC Reaches Settlement with Customer Tracking Technology Firm Over Privacy Violations

The Federal Trade Commission announced a settlement with the firm Nomi, whose sensors recorded the physical location of customers in stores using their mobile devices' MAC addresses. Nomi's privacy policy stated that customers would be able to opt out of tracking, however, customers were not informed when they were being tracked. The settlement agreement will prohibit Nomi from deceiving consumers in their privacy policies. EPIC supports the use of privacy enhancing technologies to protect consumers from tracking, including the adoption of randomized MAC addresses that prevent persistent identification.

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Open Government »

EPIC v. DOJ: Uncovering Government Surveillance Reports

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Riley v. California: Warrantless Search of a Cell Phone During an Arrest

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The Public Voice »

EPIC works to promote the Public Voice in decisions concerning the future of the Internet. Visit our partner site, thepublicvoice.org to learn more.

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EPIC recently launched a project on algorithmic transparency, urging companies to show us the code that makes judgements about us.