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Beyond Fear

Beyond Fear

281 pages, $25.00
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Does arming pilots make flying safer?
Will computerized voting machines make election results more accurate?
Is online shopping with credit cards especially risky?
Will a national ID card better protect us from terrorism?

If you read the newspapers or listen to the pundits you might answer "yes" to these questions, but the truth will surprise you.   Security experet Bruce Schneier has spent his entire career figuring out how security actually works, and he explains it all in this entertaining and readable book.  Beyond Fear goes beyond the hype, and explains how we call can think sensibly about security.  In today's uncertain world, security is too important to be left to others.  Drawing from his experience advising world business and  political leaders, Schneier demonstrates the practical — and surprisingly simple — steps we can all take to address the real threats faced by our families, our communities, and our nation.