Business Insider: The creepy AI-driven surveillance that may be infiltrating your workplace 

November 20, 2023

HireVue, a Utah recruitment platform, began using EAI facial analysis in 2014 as part of its candidate interview process. The idea behind the tech was noble: The EAI was supposed to mitigate bias and spot ideal candidates by identifying soft skills, cognitive ability, psychological traits, and emotional intelligence during video interviews. Hundreds of businesses, including Ikea, Dow Jones, and Oracle, used the software to assess more than 1 million job seekers, The Washington Post reported. But in 2019, a complaint by the Electronic Privacy Information Center alleged “unfair and deceptive practices” because HireVue’s tech was not proven to be able to do what the company said it could. The complaint pointed to research that found facial analysis could be biased against women, people of color, and people with neurological differences, and argued that it shouldn’t be used to make hiring decisions. 

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