California AG Opposes Federal Preemption

February 26, 2020

In a statement to Congressional leaders, California Attorney General Xaviar Becerra called for strong baseline, federal privacy legislation. Becerra wrote, "I am optimistic Congress will be able to craft a proposal that guarantees new privacy rights for consumers, includes a meaningful enforcement regime, and respects the good work undertaken by states across the country." The California Attorney General also made clear the importance of meaningful enforcement. "Congress should make clear in any legislative proposal that state attorneys general have parallel enforcement authority and that consumers also have the opportunity to protect their rights directly through a private right of action," Becerra said. EPIC has endorsed H.R. 4978, the Online Privacy Act, sponsored by Representatives Eshoo and Lofgren and S. 3300, the Data Protection Act, sponsored by Senator Gillibrand. Neither bill preempts stronger state law.

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