US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit

  • Lindenbaum v. Realgy, LLC

    Whether the Supreme Court's decision to invalidate and sever the government debt exception from the Telephone Consumer Protection Act's robocall ban requires courts grant retroactive immunity to robocallers for illegal calls made for the five years between the exception's enactment and the Court's decision to sever.

    • Consumer Privacy

    • Enforcement of Privacy Laws

    • Robocalls

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  • United States v. Miller

    Whether the Fourth Amendment permits constant scanning of images uploaded to Google with corresponding reports automatically sent to law enforcement, absent evidence establishing that the underlying algorithm is accurate and reliably detects only contraband images

    • Fourth Amendment

    • Privacy Laws

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  • Smith v. LexisNexis Screening Solutions

    Concerning the Standard of Care for Data Brokers Providing Employment Background Checks

    • Consumer Privacy

    • Data Brokers

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