EPIC and NCLC Urge FCC to Consider Voice Provider’s Track Record in Modifying Caller ID Compliance Deadline

November 15, 2021

On Friday, EPIC and the National Consumer Law Center (NCLC) urged the FCC to protect the American phone network from dangerous scam calls. Illegal robocallers and other scam callers often use fake Caller ID information to make their call look like it’s coming from another source, like a local business or the IRS. Recent legislation requires all telephone providers implement Caller ID authentication to stop Caller ID spoofing. The FCC offered small voice providers an extension to the deadline to comply with the Caller ID authentication requirements, but some providers are abusing this extension and dumping millions of scam calls into the American phone system. EPIC and NCLC urged the FCC to reduce extensions for providers with track records for allowing illegal robocall and other spam activity on their networks, and to reject other efforts of such providers to avoid implementing robocall mitigation requirements. EPIC routinely participates in regulatory and legislative processes concerning robocalls and files amicus briefs in robocall cases.

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