AI Governance Global 2023, an IAPP event

2 Nov. 2:00 PM EDT

EPIC Senior Counsel Ben Winters will participate in a panel on America’s Next “Stop Model!”: Model Disgorgement & Destruction

This session will delve into the emerging concept of model disgorgement as a remedy and potential regulatory requirement for artificial intelligence and machine learning systems. Model disgorgement involves the compelled destruction or dispossession of data, algorithms, models, and associated work products that have been created or influenced through illegal means. During this session, we will explore the evolution of model disgorgement as a consumer protection remedy. We will examine the potential roles of federal and state actors, such as enforcement agencies and legislative bodies, in seeking model disgorgement to address AI and ML harms and legal violations. The session will also emphasize the importance of broader privacy and data protection legislation to enhance the effectiveness of model disgorgement. Furthermore, we will discuss the challenges associated with implementing model disgorgement, including the scope and enforcement of disgorgement orders, as well as the logistical issues faced by companies undergoing the disgorgement process.

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