About the Privacy Coalition

The Privacy Coalition is a nonpartisan coalition of consumer, civil liberties, educational, family, library, labor, and technology organizations that have agreed to the Privacy Pledge. The organization formed in February 2001.


Thursday, January 25, 2007

6:30 PM Welcome Reception

7:00 PM Dinner

Keynote Speaker: Congresswoman Maxine Waters

Friday, January 26, 2007

8:30 AM Coffee/Continental Breakfast

8:45 Welcome and Introductions

9:00 Panel I Discussion Starters: 2006 Year in Review

9:20 Priorities for 2007

10:00 REAL ID and Identification Systems
(Moderator Tim Sparapani)

11:00 Break

11:15 Panel II Discussion Starters: Civil Liberties Issues (Part I)
(Moderator Whitfield Diffie)
- National Security Agency Surveillance
- New Domestic Surveillance Whistleblowers
- Information Sharing and Anti-Immigration Policy & Laws
- DOD Surveillance of Organizations

Noon Lunch

12:45 Panel III Discussion Starter Civil Liberties (Part II)
- National Security Whistleblowers & Privacy
- Lessons: Drug War v. War on Terror
- DOJOne

1:45 Panel IV Discussion Starters: Consumer Issues
(Moderator Phil Friedman)
- Activism Around RFID
- Event Data Recorders: Surveillance of Drivers
- Concept of Scoring Travelers, Customers, etc.
- Federal Trade Commission Complaint
- Internet Service Providers and Data Retention

2:45 Panel V Discussion Starters Medical Privacy and Identity
(Moderator Deborah Peel)
- Medical Privacy
- Medical Identity Theft (Genetic Databases/Personalized Medicine)
- Domestic Violence and Privacy
- Biometric Data Collection and Children

3:30 Panel VI Application of Voting Identification Rules
(Moderator Bruce Schneier)
- Voter Identification Rules in Application
- Voter Identification Litigation
- Lessons from Election 2006
- Advocacy and Voter ID
- Federal Legislative Priorities 110th Congress

4:15 Panel VII Opening Discussion on Technology Innovation and Privacy
Peter Neumann and Jim Harper

4:45 Panel VIII Discussion Starters: International
(Moderator: Allison Knight)
- Interim Passenger Name Record Agreement
- ICANN: Whois Database

4:45 Online Activism

5:00 Wrap Up

5:30 Recess

Saturday, January 27, 2007

8:30-9:00 Coffee

9:00 Organization & Strategy
- 2006 What Worked, What Didn't
- Outreach: Building a Stronger Coalition
- Messaging
- New Coalition Building

10:00 Outreach & Strategy
- Future events
- Organizing opportunities
- Communications

10:45 Strategies on Major Issues
- Domestic Surveillance
- Consumer Privacy Rights
- Medical Privacy

12:00 Close of Program


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