About the Privacy Coalition

The Privacy Coalition is a nonpartisan coalition of consumer, civil liberties, educational, family, library, labor, and technology organizations that have agreed to the Privacy Pledge. The organization formed in February 2001.



110th Congress Privacy Legislation (As of Jan.30, 2007)
-Children's Privacy S. 49
-Data Mining S. 236, H.R. 297
-Data Protection H.R. 516
-Employment Verification H.R. 138
-Health Information H.R. 493, H.R. 380 & S. 242 [Companion Bills, Sec. 804]
-Homeland Security S. 332
-Identity Theft H.R. 220
-NSA Surveillance H.R. 1 (Title VIII) [Passed]
-Privacy of Sealed US Mail S.Res. 22
-SSNs S. 238
-Telephone Privacy S. 92
-Veterans Privacy S. 117 (Sec. 103)
-Elections H.R. 421 (Sec. 378 4(b))

- Jim Harper: Cato Institute - Identity Crisis
- EPIC's analysis of REAL ID

State Action
- National Conference of State Legislature's Summary of REAL ID Law
- Maine State Legislature refuses to implement the REAL ID Act

DOD Surveillance
- Privacy Times Newsletter
- TALON Reader

Privacy Coalition Action

- Privacy Coalition Letter


- Is the Pentagon Spying on Americans
- Documents Shed New Light on Pentagon Surveillance of Peace Activists
- Protesters Found in Database

NSA Surveillance
- National Security Agency (NSA) Eavesdropping
Privacy Coalition: Letter on Congressional Oversight
- Spotlight on Surveillance: Legality of NSA's Secret Eavesdropping Program
- NSA: A History of Domestic Spying
- EPIC: Domestic Spying Resources
- Letter to Senate Judiciary
Bush 'Signing Statement' May Allow Warrantless Search of Mail

Automated Targeting System
- Federal Register Notice on ATS
European Union Questions US About Automated Targeting System
Comments on the Automated Targeting System

Immigration and Privacy
- National Immigration Law Center
GAO Report: Homeland Security
Spotlight on Surveillance: US VISIT

Data Mining
- Association for Computing Machinery Statement
EPIC's page on ChoicePoint
EU-US Airline Passenger Data Disclosure

National Security Whistleblowers
- Government Accountability Project: What is a Whistleblower?
- National Security Whistleblowers Coalition Resources
CRS Report: National Security Whistleblowers

Consumer Privacy
- Bob Gellman: Privacy and Information Policy Consultant
Peeling the Credit Score Onion
Travel and Consumer Scoring
USACM Policy Recommendations on Privacy

Health Information Privacy
Patient Privacy Rights: Patient Privacy Principles
World Privacy Forum: Comments to National Institutes of Health
Bob Gellman: Health Privacy Rule
World Privacy Forum: Comments on draft report Cohort Project on Genes
World Privacy Forum: Medical Identity Theft: The Information Crime That Can Kill
- Legal Users of Your Medical Records
- Key HIPAA Laws
- Basic Privacy Principles

Radio Frequency Identification and Privacy
- Katherine Albrecht: RFID - The Big Brother Barcode
Spotlight: Homeland Security PASS Card: Leave Home Without It
EPIC Comments on WHTI Pass Card with Vicinity RFID

Privacy and Domestic Violence
- National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Protecting Your Identity
EPIC's page on Domestic Violence

Children's Privacy
- Theme Parks and Privacy
Children and RFID Tracking Technology
Children's Online Privacy Protection Act

Digital Consumer Markets and Threats to Privacy
- Center for Digital Democracy: Request FTC Investigation of Online Advertising
Center for Digital Democracy: Ten Questions Concerning Consumer Privacy Online

Voter Identification
- Association for Computing Machinery: Statewide Databases of Registered Voters
EPIC Statewide Centralized Voter Registration Databases
National Committee for Voting Integrity
Asian American Justice Center Project Vote Report
Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law Letter on HR 4844

Citizenship and Voting ID
- EPIC's Opposition to Georgia's Voter Photo ID Requirement

Backscatter X-Ray: Revealing More Than Travelers Expect
- EPIC's Backscatter X-Ray Page


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