Uniting Privacy and the First Amendment in the 21st Century

Oakland, California
May 9, 2003

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Uniting Privacy and the First Amendment in the 21st Century is an activist symposium designed to explore the interplay between privacy and First Amendment rights with the goal of developing strategies for optimizing both. Issues to be addressed include:

The Symposium is sponsored by:

Request for proposals:

This conference will be a participatory strategic meeting of activists and experts in the areas of privacy and First Amendment rights. We are planning both informational sessions to bring attendees up to speed on quickly evolving issues as well as smaller working group sessions designed to foster strategy formulation and future collaboration. We are currently accepting proposals for presentations for both informational and working group sessions. If you are interested in making a presentation or leading a Working Group, please submit a brief letter outlining your proposed presentation to dgreene@thefirstamendment.org. Proposals should include a brief explanation of the issue to be addressed, a list of possible presenters, and the desired outcome of the session. We are particularly interested in presentations that will foster interaction among participants, leading to plans for moving forward, draft legislation, and other types of proactive results.

First Amendment/Privacy Fellowship
May 2003-May 2004

The FIRST AMENDMENT PROJECT is seeking applicants for its First Amendment/Privacy Fellowship. The Fellowship is a one-year position designed to provide experience and expertise to a new attorney and to generate significant legal and policy research regarding the interplay between First Amendment and Privacy rights. The Fellow will play an instrumental role in following through on the initiatives generated by the Uniting Privacy and the First Amendment Symposium, and will be chiefly responsible for the production of the Symposium Report. The Fellow will also produce scholarly articles and assist in ongoing litigation.

An applicant must be a member of the California Bar with 0-3 years professional legal experience, and have a keen interest in First Amendment, privacy and consumer rights issues, excellent research and writing skills, and the ability to prosper in a casual and friendly work environment.

Full and half-time applicants will be considered. Salary range: mid to high $30s for the year based on full time employment depending on experience and qualifications.

An application package should include a resume, a list of legal professional and academic references, a law school transcript, at least one writing sample. Please also include a cover letter with the following information:

Please submit application packages by U.S. Mail by April 11, 2003 to:

Sandra Lupien
First Amendment Project
1736 Franklin Street, 9th Floor
Oakland, CA 94612