Fast Company: Everything you need to know about the government’s efforts to regulate AI 

September 25, 2023

Several other bills have been proposed or floated in draft form, attempting to create some form of oversight over the industry, including The National AI Commission Act, proposed by Reps. Ted Lieu, Ken Buck, and Anna Eshoo, as well as Sen. Brian Schatz, which would create a new bipartisan commission to study the country’s current approach to AI and issue recommendations.  

Skeptics say many of these proposals are merely re-treading old turf. After all, the White House has already published its Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights, which was the product of a year of conversations with government, technology, and civil society leaders. The National Institute of Science and Technology also has its own AI Risk Management Framework. “We are not in a place to completely start from scratch,” says Ben Winters, senior counsel at the Electronic Privacy Information Center. “We know, as a country, what we need to do.” 

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